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Given that a "magnetic field" location apparently doesn't exist. I know Charjabug's situation was patched to include a Thunderstone evolution method.

In the expansion, if they add the Pokémon, they’ll probably add the spot, likely in the new locations.
Unfortunately both Magneton and Nosepass are on the Unobtainable list, meaning they will not be in either of the expansions.
Idk about this one chief. Magnemite's line appears that it's coming in one of the expansions according to one article I read...looks to me as if "unobtainable" doesn't rule out from expansions.

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Neither of those Pokémon exist in SwSh, so Home won’t let you move them into the games. Therefore, by technicality, no, it is not possible to evolve them.

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Oh right lol. I forgot that it doesn't work that way. #thingspeoplewhodonthavethegamesay