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The description says that it "doubles" the berry's effects but what would that mean for like a yache berry? Would it make the Pokemon resist/neutral against ice type moves or would it not affect it at all? Would a sitrus berry heal for 60% or not? I would assume that the pinch berries that increase stats would double the stats of the berry once eaten.


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This affects Berries that restore HP or PP (such as Figy Berry and Leppa Berry), Berries that reduce damage (such as Occa Berry), Berries that raise stats (such as Starf Berry), and Berries that deal damage to Pokémon attacking the holder (such as Rowap Berry). When a Pokémon with Ripen uses Leftovers or Berry Juice, Ripen displays a message but has no other effect.

So apparently it works on stat-raising and damage-reducing berries.

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