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Got back into masterball tier, after about a day or so, to kick off season 3 with a new home-brewed team and I've been noticing some strange Pokemon ever since.

Hacked mons are a dime a dozen on the internet, and I don't necessarily have a problem with them, so long as they are still the same Pokemon they're supposed to be, functioning within normal combat parameters. (In other words, making a shiny 6 IV for yourself is okay)

The issue I keep running into are enemy Pokemon that are doing absolutely INORDINATE amounts of damage.

I thought I was just underestimating the damage at first, but when a [+0 252 Atk Sirfetched] crit a leafblade on my [+6 252 Health 6 Def Vaporeon] I knew from personal experience playing Sirfetched that a high damage roll on that crit couldn't be more than half my hp.

So I plugged it into the calculator on Pokemon Showdown and: non-crits were coming out to a guaranteed 5hko.

Is this kind of totally blatant cheating normally allowed on cartridge? Or am I just an idiot and missed something? The trainer let me view his team so I have the Sirfetched's EV Spread if you need them. I used Acid Armor 3 times to max my defense stat stages as well. I'm just putting those last bits out there in case there was a simple variable I missed that could have turned it into a one shot on showdown' s website.


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Your likely situation is the fact that critical hits ignore stat drops that would lower the move's power.

So the crit Leaf Blade attacked as if Vaporeon's defense was at +0 instead of +6