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Hi just a question what is the logic of Hacked Pokémon and why are they bad.

What do you mean by the logic of them? Just why people frown upon them?
By that it meant why do they even exist because there Hacked and Hacked normally means corruption to save data.
They exist so that hackers can have good Pokémon like Shiny Volcanion
Corruption is just a possible side effect, hacked means that the games code is being manipulated for the player to do things they aren't allowed to.

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Hacked Pokémon exist because they are hacked lol
C’mon now. What’s the definition of hacked? Hacked. Hacked means hacked. The Pokémon are hacked in to the game. Therefore, they are hacked. It’s that simple.
If you’re wondering why people frown upon them, it’s because they weren’t obtained by legitimate means, and are therefore looked down upon.

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