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I have been farming in mount Hokulani, and wasted almost all of my stuff on 3 beldums! HOW DO I CATCH ONE!!!

You might be able to do it with ghosts, like false swipe Aegislash and hypnosis Haunter.
Beldum has the same capture rate as legendaries

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In Ultra Moon, Beldum can be found in the eastern part of Mount Hokulani and has a 20% rarity rating, slightly above Ditto.

As far as capturing it goes, the usual methods apply: status effects (sleep and paralysis are best) combined with False Swipe or Hold Back and the best possible Pokeball (Ultra Balls are great, but Dusk Balls work better at night) will make the chances relatively high. Note that it's catch rate is comparable to that of a legendary Pokémon, so prepare to use a lot of Pokeballs. Also note that the effectiveness of normal type moves on Beldum is halved, so False Swipe and Hold Back will hit with half the power.

Source: Pokémon Database

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How can you prevent Beldum from killing itself with take down or struggle?
Eh, easy. Put it to sleep or use another method to prevent it from using attacking moves, such as an Encore for a move that's not one of these two.
But Beldums don't know any other moves. And if it's asleep, how do you stop it from waking up and using take down?
Huh. I didn't know Beldum only had Take Down and Struggle. OK, I've done some research. Both are normal type moves, so simply use a ghost type as your attacker. I'd recommend Shedinja because it learns False Swipe as its pre-evolution. It won't be able to put Beldum to sleep, but it can use Confuse Ray, Will-o-Wisp, and Toxic. I'd recommend Confuse Ray for the lowest possible chances of knocking Beldum out. As stated above, I'd recommend doing this at night, when you can make full use of Dusk Balls. If you don't want to risk an accidental KO, simply have Shedinja use False Swipe and lob as many Pokeballs as you want. Beldum's Take Down will fail on Shedinja, preventing it from damaging itself.
Confuse ray doesn't change catch rate. So why don't you just use a separate ghost Pokemon with hypnosis, like Haunter? Why do you use ultra balls when timer balls are almost always better?
Contrary to popular belief, I don't know everything about Pokémon. I'm simply making my recommendations off of what I know. For example, I was under the impression any status effect would affect the catch rate. If Timer balls work better than Ultra or Dusk balls, then by all means, use them.

Given the fact that confusion doesn't change the catch rate, I'd revise my previous comment to simply recommend having Shedinja use False Swipe to bring Beldum's HP down to 1 before commencing with a hailstorm of Pokeballs of your choice. This balances the chances of knocking out Beldum (zero with this strategy) with the chances of it knocking itself out (also zero). You really just need to make sure you have enough Pokeballs.
GOT IT used Lvl 32/33 gengar, got it low health, switched to gastly, put it to sleep, and 9 dusk balls later, GOT IT!!!!!
Doesn't Gengar also learn hypnosis? Why do you need to switch to Gastly?
Nice work, Metagross!