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i chained shiny beldum and caught it (without master ball) but i want to have shiny beldum in a save/walktrough so do i have to hatch eggs via masuda method to get a low leveled shiny beldum?

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I'm also curious, by the way. Is it possible for you to trade me one if you succeed?

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No. Even if you're breeding a shiny Pokemon the chances are the same.

Masuda Method: 4/8192
Regular Method: 1/8192

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i know the odds, and your "answer" is not an answer to my question
How does it not answer the question? The answer is the odds of a shiny are always the same regardless of the Pokemon.
You edited my question!!!!!!!!
I didn't ask "Can i breed a new shiny from my shiny beldum".
Of course i know the odds.