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To relearn moves

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Do you mean heart scales?
Yeah. I’ll edit it

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Heart Scales can be found in these locations in LGPE:

Route 20, Cerulean City, Seafoam Islands, Seafoam Islands,
Partner Pokémon Gift
Walk with a Pokémon in the PokéBall Plus
Found by your Water-type Pokémon in Cerulean Cave

Source: Serebii

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Wait so I need pokeball plus to get Heart Scales?
You don't need the Pokeball Plus. As stated in my answer, you can find them on Route 20 or in Cerulean City, among other places. The Pokeball Plus is simply another method used to obtain them.
Do they respawn and stuff?
I did a little digging on Serebii. There's one heart scale on Route 20, two on the Seafoam Islands (both are hidden), and five in Cerulean City (from talking to the bike guy). All are limited. The partner Pokémon heart scale gift and Pokeball Plus rewards are unlimited, but harder to get.