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gotta remember some moves. detailed finding guide, please?

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You have to use Pokemon ball plus and do a lot of walking.
I wouldn't call this a detailed finding guide.
is that the only way? it's not really fair on players who didn't but that stuff.
It isn't the only way, and you can verify that with Google. I'm moving this to a comment now.

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  • The simplest way to get 5 Heart Scales is from the Bike Maniac in Cerulean City in which you look and ask about all bikes and then select "Yes" when you get asked if you want to learn more about them.
  • In the fountain in Cerulean City, outside the Bike Maniac Shop, you get asked to throw in 50 or 500 coins. Not sure about the 500, but throwing 50, then following by playing with your Pokemon will get you a heart scale.


Now, you'd typically want more heart scales than this. Luckily, there are two stones in Seafoam islands on Route 20 that spawn heart scales daily - allowing you two receive two heart scales daily. The location to find the two stones can be found in this video (Skip to 2:20).

Hope I helped! :)

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