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( I do not have Pokemon home I'm just going off the websites info) Since you can apparently bring mons from lets go to sword and shield how does it work since they don't have abilities and can be overly candyed, does it rng an ability and if so could you get a HA? and if they are candyed do they lose the stats or are they not transferable at all?

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According to this thread, it seems that once Pokemon from LGPE are brought over to SwSh, they are simply given an ability at random from the possible abilities it can have, and this does not include its Hidden Ability, so it will never have one. As for candies, it says here that the AVs in LGPE are not equivalent to EVs in SwSh, so they will have 0 EVs when transferred over. What that means for stats seems to be that any stat boosts from candies used on your Pokemon will not transfer over with them, and those boosts will be lost, if this thread is any indication. Hope this helped!