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Pokemon sword, in-game text says " It boosts Attack if the holder is hit with an Electric-type attack. It can only be used once".
Everytime I get 'Cell Battery' to activate, it only boosts Sp.Attack. >:(

Bulbapedia says it should only boost physical attack. https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Cell_Battery Are you sure it boosted your special attack? Can you activate another cell battery on your Sword, just to make sure it's boosting special attack?
is it being held by a Pokèmon with lightning rod? If so, the ability activates before the move. That would explain why.

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The flavour text is correct. As Robloxiansceptile said, lightning rod activates first. Pinchurchin had a cell battery. Aeigislash’s attack got boosted, not its SpA.

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Bulbapedia also says it boosts attack
The question never said any Pokemon had lightning rod. Are you sure lightning rod is the only possible explanation?
I’m sure there’s nothing else that boosts special attack when hit with an electric type move.