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For a Pokemon Sword/Shield competitive Golisipod set, I need help with an item for it. Wacan Berry is good for tanking all electric type attacks. And Cell Battery can't handle special electric attacks well, but makes Golisipod stronger.

Note that I have Bulk Up on Golisipod, so I would lean toward Wacan Berry, but if I'm wrong, let me know.

What format/rules are you playing with?
Are you sure you want either? Depending on the format, the best Golisopod sets tend to involve CB, AV and Heavy-Duty Boots. Cell Battery is a very unpopular item, and Wacan Berry is niche for only a 2x weakness.
Should not bother with set up moves like Bulk Up. Once his health dops beow 50% he switches out and you lose all your stats progress. He is also slow AF so he will be getting hit before you set up any defenses. Just go for all out attacker.
You really, really don't want either of those items. Cell Battery has a high chance for being ineffective and Wacan Berry isn't going to stop your Golisopod from being ejected either.

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You didn't tell us the format, so I'll answer for all the SS formats where Golisopod is viable. Note that cell batteries are usually useless in all formats because it's very situational. It's especially bad on Golisopod because Golisopod's special attack stat is low and useless regardless of what item it's holding.

UU: Use heavy-duty boots so you can freely switch out of electric attacks and turn on computers :P, or use Sitrus berry to heal any kind of damage
Monotype (bug): Use assault assault vest to weaken special attacks or Sitrus berry to heal any kind of damage
Almost Any Ability: Use leftovers to heal from any kind of damage
Balanced Hackmons: Use heavy-duty boots to freely switch out of electric attacks, or toxic orb (and poison heal) to heal any kind of damage

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