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Giratina can learn shadow sneak in hgss
Dragonite can learn extreme speed in hgss


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Yes, you can trade Pokemon with moves that were unavailable in DPPT. All these games are in the same generation, and as far as I know, HGSS did not introduce new moves that already didn't exist in DPPT.


He means moves that pokemon normally wouldn't learn in dpp. Like rotom and pain split
the asker asked "can you trade pkmn with moves that were unavailable to those Pkmn in dppt?" not what are the moves.
Rotom and pain split was an example
the asker listed examples so that users know what he means by "unavailable moves." Secondly, you stated Probably, which further develops the idea of the asker using 'can those pokemon be traded'. If you still think I'm wrong, please, go ahead and give an answer.
I know what op is talking about. I'm confused about why you said "there are no new moves on HGSS" in your original post.
CC means that HGSS didnt add any new moves. a example of games that did would be ORAS for XY.