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For example I did the following:
I brought a leafeon and used leech seed
Then a yamask or runerigus and swapped the abilities
Then a sturdy Pokémon that used a physical move
Then sent out a level 1 woobat with a focus sash
Used skill swap
Then speed swap
Will speed swap fail?

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Why would it fail?
I mean I guess since it doesn’t say so.  I don’t think it will fail.  I never tried it.
it should work as long as you don't miss or get knocked out

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Speed swap or Skill Swap would fail? Actually, it doesn't matter. No, it shouldn't fail. There is nothing in the description that would indicate that in would fail on a Pokémon a higher level than you. I'm curious to try it but it should work like it would on a Pokémon the same level as yours. OHKO moves will fail if the target is 30 levels or higher than the user, but those are the only moves I am aware of that will change accuracy depending on the user and target's level. Hope this helped!!!

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I think roar's and whirlwind's effects depend on level in some games.
OHKO moves are guaranteed to fail even if the target outlevels you by just 1, it doesn't continue the scale of +1% per level that's used when the target is lower leveled.
Sorry I meant speed swap and not skill swap
Ok, yeah it still doesn't matter for either skill or speed swap. Also, thanks about the OHKO move accuracy. I read different sources that said different things.
Which sources did you read?
Mmmm all I can remember is Bulbapedia, but there were a few others. But I believe that it will fail if the opponent is a level higher, I never really doubted it. Anyway, the point is speed swap shouldn't fail unless it just misses.