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I was just wondering what resistances and weakness a Pokemon with all types would be.


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Normal, Fighting, Poison, Ground, Ghost, Electric, Psychic, Dragon: 0 times
Flying: 1 times
Rock: 2 times
Bug: 1/16 times
Steel: 1/2 times
Fire: 1 times
Water: 1 times
Grass: 1/16 times
Ice: 1 times
Dark: 1/2 times
Fairy: 1 times
(assuming the type chart is always true and ignoring abilities)

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So there's still a super effective type... I've been wondering about this myself. I suppose a plus would be having all those immunities and resistances.
Can indeed be hit by Soak to change its type to be a pure-Water-type
Can be hit by Tar Shot to become weaker to Fire-type moves
Can be put to Sleep, be confused, and be hit by Curse

4x weak to Freeze-Dry
2x weak to Stealth Rocks
8x weak to Ground if Gravity, Smack Down, or Thousand Arrows is used
1x effective to Psychic if Miracle Eye is used
4x resistant AND 1x effective to Normal and Fighting respectively if Foresight/Odor Sleuth is used

Immune to Spikes and Toxic Spikes, Arena Trap, and Terrains (due to being Flying-type)
Cannot be Burned/Paralyzed/Frozen/Poisoned (due to being Fire-, Electric, Ice-, and Poison- and Steel-type respectively)
Immune to moves activated by Prankster (due to being Dark-type)
Immune to end-of-turn damage from Hail/Sandstorm (due to being Ice- and Ground-, Rock-, and Steel-type respectively)
Immune to Leech Seed, Powder and spore moves, and Effect Spore (due to being Grass-type)
Immune to Forest's Curse AND Trick-or-Treat (due to being Grass- and Ghost-type respectively)
**assuming the type chart is always true**
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