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Sorry if my question seems a little confusing at first, it’s hard to explain in one sentence.

Basically, I’m moving from a regular 3ds to a 2ds XL, I know that with Sun and Moon the data stays on your cartridge. But what I’m not sure about is if I’d be able to keep my friend’s information in the game or be able to trade with them if I switch.

I have my friend added on the 3ds and have them added in game, and currently I’m holding onto their Pokemon as they restart Moon.

It might be overthinking on my part, I may be fine but I just worry since the trading is connected with my 3ds. All because my friend code is connected with my trainer and all that. I feel like if I place my Sun game in my new 2ds it might mess things up.

So would it be okay to transfer right away and sell off my 3ds or should I wait a bit until my friends ready to get their Pokemon back then make the switch?

If you find him randomly but most likely you'll have to add his friend code again

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So from what I know yes everything should be fine I am fairly certain as long as the datas there and you have wifi to trade with everything should be as it was with the 3DS