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Aight so, on today's episode of Ty's Shiny Hunting in UM....

I shiny hunt a lot. I love shiny hunting. And recently I've come to the dilemma "Do I want to move my shinies to Sword or not?" and have come to the conclusion of "Why don't I clone my 'mons and transfer the clones over?"

I did in the past. Since everything about the shiny was legit, bank and home let me transfer the clones over. I can even GTS them off if I wanted to.

However, I am morally conflicted. If I do this, will my shinies still be considered legit? Sure, the game accepts them as legit, but are they really?

You'll need to find this answer from your own moral compass
if the pokemon world can revive fossils then they have the technology to clone shiny pokemon, so i say its totally legit.

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This is an ethical question that has plagued Pokemon players for decades.

Do you think they are?

People have different opinions on the matter. Some say all clones are illegitimate, others consider them fine as long as the source was legit. I personally side with the latter, but it's a matter of opinion. Be careful if you trade them -- the recipient may not have the same opinion as you.

Hope I helped!

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Honestly, I have no idea. I feel like as long as I don't abuse the cloning and only use them to carry over between games then it should be okay, but I feel like in some instances they won't be
I can't make an opinion for you, so whatever you decide.
In my experience, most players I’ve seen who value legitimacy in Pokémon tend to view all cloning as illegal.