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So I just started playing Pokémon sword and shield this week, and I really want to get G-Max Pokémon such as G-Max Toxtricity and G-Max Coalossal. I am not sure if I can still get them or not sooooo I need a bit of clearing up please.

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do you have both games or one of them? each version has g-max exclusives
No, only sheild :/

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I don't think G-Max Toxtricity is available anymore now- it was available from February 6th to March 8th. G-Max Coalossal is a Sword exclusive, so if you're playing Shield, it will be impossible to get it. But if you're playing Sword, I think you can still get one, but it's unclear as to when it will end.

you can get him in sword if you go to a gmax coalossal raid that is being held but catch rate is much lower
Oh.. well I guess I should’ve got the game earlier xd