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I'm shiny hunting legendaries, and I have some questions. Does the Shiny Charm increase their shiny odds? Is there any way to increase their shiny odds?

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OF course the shiny charm increases shiny rate. Why would you think otherwise?
MandJ Tv said otherwise, so I was unsure.
The Shiny Charm doesn’t affect gift Pokémon like Poiple or Type: Null in Gen 7, so maybe he was confused. It does affect any Pokémon that you have to battle to catch.
I got some more questions. The sites all say you have the highest shiny chances in the Triple Ring, but if I catch all the legendaries, do the Quadruple rings have higher chances?
There isn’t a quadruple ring. There’s 0, 1, 2, and then 3 ring, although the rings on the 3-ringed ones look more like a spinning clover. These normally guarantee a legendary, but if you’ve caught all the legends in that wormhole color, it’ll greatly increase your chance of getting a shiny, up to a 36% chance depending on your distance.

Keep in mind that this shiny rate doesn’t apply for legendaries or UBs. Normal Pokémon have their shininess determined once you’ve entered the wormhole, while legends and UBs are determined once you enter the battle, which makes them full/charm odds.
I heard the ones with double rings farther down space have 10 times more chances of getting shinies than wormholes with one ring.  You have to reach farther down though.  But you want to get shinies, focus on those triple rings and don’t get them immediately.  Instead wait till you get very far.

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Shiny Charm does affect legendaries and Ultra Beasts in USUM’s wormholes, but that’s the only thing that can. Legends and UBs are always either full or charm odds.

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