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Where can I watch english dubbed movies? I tried kissanime but the movies there have the animation and sound completely out of sync unlike the regular anime episodes. I also tried googling but the results require me to pay in order to watch. So on what sites can I watch all of them? Preferably with a quality selector

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netflix has some, or you could buy the dvds. not sure where the dvds would be tho
Youtube, iTunes, Google Play Movies, and Amazon Prime Video all have almost all of the movies, with rental prices only at around $2-4 USD, which isnt too terrible imo. I say almost all, because for whatever reason, Pokemon 4Ever, Pokemon Heroes, Jirachi- Wish Maker, and Destiny Deoxys cant be found anywhere on any of those sites right now, so for those ones, your only bet is probably to track one of the DVDs down on eBay or craigslist or something
I was actually planning on finding some dvds for it but this virus is so annoying. Can't even leave the house. I also thought about getting some of those gift cards to watch it on google but again the virus  -_-

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I have been using the official Pokemon TV app. It's free, official, and very good and has most if not all the episodes and movies.

Is there a way for me to watch it on a pc using an official pokemon site?