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I was curious about this because Both on has 100 base Attack and Speed. The only thing that worries me is Flygon's base 80 defenses. I would gladly welcome input! This is my current set:
[email protected] Life Orb
IV's-All best except for SpA
EV's- 252 Att 252 Spd 4 Spd
-Fire Punch
-Dragon Claw
-Dragon Dance???

What do you want to do with this Flygon? Do you want to battle other people, the Battle Tower, or something else?
I am mostly going to use it in the Battle Tower, but online as well, so let's just say online.  And I want to use it as a Special Sweeper.  Thank you for reminding me about that part.
What Pokemon, moves, or abilities are your opponents not allowed to use? How is it a special sweeper if it knows 3 physical moves?
Sorry.  I meant Physical Sweeper.   Everything is allowed.
Why are you using Flygon when you can use Zekrom?
I am also going to be using it in the Battle Tower as well, just like I said.  And I also don't have the ability/pokémon to transfer it or get Zekrom over the GTS.
What about Excadrill? Why are you not using that?
The rest of my team is Glaceon and Goodra.  If I used Excadrill, I would have 2 pokémon weak to both fighting and fire.  Flygon covers Glaceon's rock, fire, and steel weaknesses.  Goodra then has enough bulk to cover Flygon's weaknesses.

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Dragon Dance is good but if you put a U-Turn in there when it's weak or you want to get away.

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I think your set is good, flygon is fast, it will use dragon dance before a lot of Pokemons.