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I want to play Black 2 at some point and know the Tutors will be very helpful, problem is that I don’t know which ones are only accessible during the post game, if any.


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One move tutor is available shortly before the 5th gym (in Driftveil City), one is available after defeating the 6th gym (in Lentimas Town), one is available shortly before the 8th gym (in Humilau City), and one is available post-game (in Nacrene City).

In addition, there are a couple of specialized tutors as well: the tutors that teach the pledge moves and ultimate moves that are only available to starter Pokemon can be found before the 5th gym as well, at the Pokemon World Tournament, while the tutor for Draco Meteor can be found upon beating the 7th gym in Opelucid City.

Hope this helped!