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Throughout the entire process of the game, there has been one thing that's been irritating me nonstop: the missing Move Tutors. It's really annoying and it's even more annoying that I can't do anything about it! This flaw alone has ruined some of my greatest plans for competitive battlers, and I'm thinking that GAME FREAK has specific reasons for doing this. Can anyone tell me why and give me some suitable non-transfer solutions?

You got move remember. http://www.serebii.net/xy/useful.shtml useful characters,
The move relearner was in almost every generation

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Well honestly when BW1 came out it had a lack of move tutors too. BW2 came out and there was a plentiful amount of move tutors. Following this pattern, the sequel to x and y is bound to have tutors. Just bear with it now, we have no other choice.

that's a stupid pattern.
Mmhmm. So yellow, Crystal, emerald and platinum had tons of tutors as well?
Platinum had move tutors :/
Move Tutors were not made until Crystal. So Crystal had more move tutors than GS. Emerald also had far more move tutors than RS. Same with Platinum.
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I don't know, I think really only GameFreak knows for sure, but there are still some move tutors and there are many Pokemon that learn moves leveling up they didn't before. Hope this helps!

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