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Let's say you're poisoned and the following turn the Harsh Sunlight is set. Would you be cured of your status?

Or what if you have the ability Skill Swaped while statused with sun?


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Leaf Guard only prevents status conditions when its sunny weather before you get a status condition, so it won't cure it. Leaf Guard only activates if weather is set up first then you have a status conditions. It would be the same for Skill Swapping Leaf Guard as well. If you have a status condition, then harsh sunlight becomes the weather condition, Leaf Guard will not activate. For example, if you are poisioned, then set up weather, the poison won't heal.

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What a disappointment... Source?
I can't copy links, so I will just say the website.  It was Bulbapedia's page on the ability Leaf Guard.
Leaf guard can activate if the weather is already set up. Where in the article does it say leaf guard can't activate in that situation?
Sorry.  I will edit my answer.  I meant Leaf Guard will only activate it weather I already set up.  I read it On Bulpapedia's page on Leaf Guard.  It says it under effects.
Never mind.  I misread it.  I edited my answer accordingly.