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This inculdes every DIRECT stat boost (no friend guard, power spot, etc). Please include a legal and illegal version in your answer.

Wouldn't that just be Extreme Evoboost?
It can be combined with other stuff.
Oh. Hmm...
I'm not too sure on this, but perhaps if a pokemon was at -6 attack and used Belly Drum, giving it +12, then got hit by Topsy-Turvy from an enemy, bringing its attack back to -6, then had Instruct used on it by a teammate, giving it another +12, and was finally hit by Flatter from the other enemy giving it +2 special attack, achieving 26 stat raises in one turn?

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Lead Kommo-o (holding Sitrus Berry) and Malamar in a double battle against a cooperative opponent with two Orangurus (with enough speed investment to outspeed Malamar but not Kommo-o).
Turn 1: Kommo-o and Orangurus stall as Malamar uses Simple Beam on Kommo-o.
Turn 2: Kommo-o uses Clangorous Soul and gets +2 in every normal stat. Next, the Orangurus both use Instruct on Kommo-o, getting it to +6 in every normal stat. Then Malamar uses Acupressure on Kommo-o. Because all of Kommo-o's normal stats are already maxed, Acupressure will randomly raise either evasion or accuracy by 4 stages.

In one turn, Kommo-o goes from neutral in every stat to +6 in Atk, Def, SpA, SpD, Spe, and +4 in either evasion or accuracy. +34 stats total in one turn.


Other than more Acupressures in a Triple Battle, I don't think there's any way to get more than that in one turn, even with hacking.

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Dang, I didn't even think about that.
That's +34, not +40.
Shoot, you’re right.
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If you don't consider Topsy-Turvy, Psych Up, or Heart Swap etc. to count as "gaining boosts", here's one that works in Alola.

Preparation: Eevee with Eevium Z, Last Resort, Mimic, and a couple filler moves. Use Simple Beam on the Eevee in doubles and reduce its stats in the main 5 categories to at least -4 each. Eevee uses Mimic to acquire the move Ancient Power, and uses that move as its action last turn. The rest of the field consists of either Oranguru or Smeargle.

On the next turn, all the other Pokemon outspeed Eevee, and all of them use Instruct on it. This causes Eevee to repeat Ancient Power three times, and if it gets really lucky, it gets the boost on all of them. The boost is normally +1 everything, but because of Simple it gets doubled to +2. Then the first one leaves it at -2 everything, second one to +0, and the third to +2. Finally, Eevee uses its regular move for the turn, which is of course Extreme Evoboost for an additional +4 everything.

In all, that's five stats each starting at -4 and ending at +6, for a total of 50 boost levels gained.

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This answer is entirely Theoretical

Hacked Answer: Theoretically, in a double battle, a Pokémon with Simple, could use Extreme Evoboost (as a move, without a Z-Crystal), raising it's Attack, Defense, Special Attack, Special Defence, and Speed by four stages, the second Pokemon could out speed the rest and use Instruct on it, one of the opponent's Pokémon could use Instruct on it (maxing out all it's main stats), then FINALLY, the other Opponent's Pokémon uses Acupressure (raising either Accuracy or Evasion). (credit to KRLW890 for the Instruct & Acupressure strategy)

Legal Answer: (still theoretically) In a double battle, an Eevee could use Extreme Evoboost, raising it's Attack, Defense, Special Attack, Special Defense, and Speed by two stages, the second Pokemon could use (almost any Pokemon) Swagger on it, one of the opponent's Pokémon could use Swagger on it (maxing out it's attack), then FINALLY, the other Opponent's Alcremie uses Docorate. In total, you'd have raised Attack by six stages, Defense by two stages, Special Attack by four stages, Special Defense by two stages, and Speed by two stages.

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You can raise stats higher in a hacked battle if the buffed Pokemon has Simple. :P
Oh yeah.
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If you start out at -6 everything, the trivial answer is to use Topsy-Turvy, resulting in a net gain of 84 boost levels from one move.

It's flipping the stats, rather than them being gained