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If you were in a Max Raid battle, each turn after Turn 6/each fainted Pokemon would make the storm too strong and eventually blow you out of the den. What would happen if 8 turns passed AND 2 Pokemon fainted?

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I thought it was 4 knockouts or 10 turns pass to end the raid. I don't think "points" accumulate for every turn past turn 6
I didn't say that, I was just using it for this question.
The game doesn’t use points like this in raids. Are you asking how a theoretical points system like this would work in the game?
I said I was just using it for this question, I know they don't use that system in raids.

You know what, lemme edit the question.
In that case, if the Pokemon fainted in the 8th turn, then the battle would end when the 2nd Pokemon fainted. If 2 Pokemon fainted then the 8th turn came, then you'd be kicked out at the start of the turn

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It would end at the end of the turn, like any other raid you get kicked out of.