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Not everyone has friends, Gamefreak. I just wanted to get a G-Max Corviknight but no, Martin just HAS to use ONLY cosmic power. All he has to do is attack and help break the barrier. Other terrible NPCs include Freya and the one with Wobbufett. At least Salazzle and Dhelmise are decent

This official Pokemon website repeatedly acknowledges that the NPCs (Martin and his Solrock in particular) are all really bad and encourages banding together with your friends, so my guess is that they did this on purpose to try and get you to buy Nintendo Online.
Ah yes, Martin’s ever so famous Solrock.

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My answer is theory-crafted

Max Raid battles are accessed in the early game. The bad NPCs are likely to make Max Raid battles more intimidating and more like a boss battle. In addition, it wouldn't be much fun having overpowered NPCs do all the work for you early-game. It's also a way to make money because Max Soup and actually good trainers are locked behind a paywall. Thanks, Gamefreak!

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This can only be truly answered by Game Freak. It has been agreed upon by many people, however, that this is a way to make people buy Nintendo Switch Online. Realistically, who would want to be allies with Solrock, Wobbuffet, and Eevee? No one, because they're awful. Them being garbage is the whole point, so you have an incentive to buy NSO (competent players).

If you want a G-Max Corviknight, and don't want to raid, you can apply Max Soup to a regular Corviknight, provided you have the DLC.

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I'd say the Eevee isn't terrible.  It could certainly attack directly a little more, but using Helping Hand on your DMax Pokemon with a Super Effective attack against no barrier is actually really powerful.