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Were do I level up Spewpa?

You realize it is geographically based, right?

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Vivillons patterns are based on the geographic region that your 3DS is registered as being in (a full map of which patterns can be found in which regions can be found here), so the only way to obtain every pattern is via trading.

Hope this helped!

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Don't forget those 2 unobtainable event patterns tho :P
Lol yeah, I thought about mentioning that. You'll definitely need luck for those two
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This might be coming a bit late based on the timestamp, but it might be useful for others when Pokemon bank becomes free in a few months. Only use method if you don't mind restarting game!

This is how I did it:
1) Bank all your Pokemon and reset the Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon save by pressing 'Up' on the D-pad as well as 'X' and 'B' simultaneously.
2) Change 2DS/3DS region to that of the Vivillon form you want in your 3DS/2DS settings.
3) Start a new game and reach Hau'oli city.
4) Island scan on a Thursday for scatterbug (just set 3DS/2DS time to Thursday).
5) Catch and level up the scatterbug to lvl. 12 where it will evolve from spewpa into vivillon.
6) Change 3DS/2DS region back to the original region you set it to so you can access Pokemon bank.
7) Bank the Vivillon (or two as you can get 2 per reset with 20 point codes)
8) Rinse and repeat until you have all the forms you want.

This is the method I used, bit tedious and time consuming, but works if you wanna catch a specific form in a specific ball or give it a certain nickname, for instance my Sandstorm form Vivillon in a Premier ball called Gobi. I should say I've only tested on US/UM, doesn't work on Sun/Moon as Scatterbug isn't part of island scan. May work on X/Y but don't have a copy so I can't verify. Also, there are some region locked forms and event ones that are unobtainable without external help/ hacking.

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