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I'm fairly new to the Wi-fi and competitive battling, and I'm kind of getting an Idea of everything, but I'd still like a little bit of help with my team. If you also have a random tip, write it please. Anything helps.

So far, my team:

Bisharp - Adamant Nature (F)
Shadow Claw,
False Swipe,
Aerial Ace (to get rid of Ferrothorns!)

Conkeldurr - Rash Nature (M)
Hammer Arm,
Rock Slide,

Flygon - Lonely Nature (M)
Aerial Ace,

Blastoise - ? Nature
Ice Beam,
Hydro Pump,
Rapid Spin,
Earthquake/Toxic, (Not Sure)(You Decide)

Electivire - ? Nature
Rock Slide,

Alakazam - ? Nature
Future Sight,
Energy Ball,
Charge Beam,

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For one thing Ferrothorn is not weak to flying because it is a steel type. Second false swipe has no competitive use switch for rock polish. Embargo and shadow claw should be switched for iron head and night slash. Adamant is the nature for Conkeldurr give it stone edge not rock slide and rest with mach punch or payback. You need another good special attacker ditch flygon and get a Timid Volcarona to deal with ferrothorn. Blastoise with modest nature remove hydro-pump and get surf and choose toxic over E-quake. Electivre should have a jolly or adamant nature and have thunder punch, ice punch, E-quake, and cross chop. Alakazam should be timid have shadow ball not future sight you can replace charge beam with hidden power fighting or focus blast.

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Thanks, and BTW False Swipe on Bisharp is only for catching Legendaries, I'll delete later on.