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Would I miss out on any particular KOs if I chose the more reliable Ice Punch over Icicle Crash? I understand this depends a lot on the EVs of the user and the receiver of the attack, but let's assume that Galarian Darmanitan is running max Atk with Jolly Nature and a Choice Scarf. Also assume that I am using GaDar on Battle Stadium Singles.


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I’ll suggest icicle crash cuz it power is higher and has 30% to fliched the target, also it acc is ok too although ice punch is better on acc.

Hope it helps !

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icicle crash is stronger but has a chance to miss. ice punch is weaker but can't miss. i'd reccomend icicle crash. it has a chance to flinch opponents, faint bulky enemies that ice punch couldn't and its the move most galarian darmanitain's run