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So I'm having fun with a Galarian Darmanitan set, but one problem I had once is when I dynamax, I lose my zen mode when I do it, which takes away quite a lot of attack base stats, so I tried an hp up, and it worked a bit, but it failed in battle tower, so I added more hp ups, and it finally worked, but I added too much HP ups, so I can't have 252 EVS for speed, which I wanted a 252 AT. SPD. EV spread.

I'm pretty sure gorilla tactics is better than zen mode because you can activate it more reliably and give Darmanitan a choice scarf with no drawbacks. Either way, I think you should just max physical attack and speed and not worry about HP.
i do 4 HP/244 Atk/4 Def/ 4 Sp. Def/ 252 Spe

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No matter what ability you're using, Darmanitan is best at offense. Give it 4 HP/252 Atk/252 Spe jolly.
Unless you really like zen mode for some reason, I recommend using gorilla tactics. Gorilla tactics activates more reliably, raises physical attack more than zen mode does, and lets Darmanitan hold a choice scarf with no drawbacks.

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