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I am currently using Hydreigon in Battle Make on Single Battles in X and Y, but I feel like I should give Hydreigon something besides a Roseli Berry for those Fairy attacks. My current set is:
Hydreigon @ Roseli Berry?
All 31 IV's
252 SpA 252 Spd 4 SpD
-Flash Cannon
-Dragon Pulse
-Dark Pulse
Thanks in advance! A note: Please don't say a Life Orb because I already use it On my Chandelure.

A choice scarf or specs would work best imo
True, but being stuck into one move is something I don't like, but it could work.
What are your other pokemon?
Choice specs would give it slightly more fire power to beat fairies but the problem is that most fairies have high special defenses. I think roseli Berry should work as it can 2hko most fairies so it can survive after u weaken the blow.
Another option is expert belt. But it cant really take a damage from fairies so I feel it better that u just switch out. If u choose to just switch out, may consider changing flash cannon to nasty plot as after one nasty plot, it can sweep through a lot of pokemon.
My other pokémon are Chandelure with a life orb.  It knows Flamethrower, energy ball, shadow ball and psychic.  The other is Mega Gardevoir and it knows psychic, moonblast, shadow ball and thunderbolt.
@ Gloomdweller that is the thing I am concerned about, but I know that there aren't many fairies that people use in the Battle Maison.
U can always consider giving assault vest, help tank some special moves and most fairy attacks are special. even if opponent is not fairy, it still gives special bulk
Yeah.  If you put that, I will put it as best answer.

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The best items are choice scarf of life orb. Choice specs is an option, but the other two are preferred. Hydreigons speed is lacking, so improving that is key to success, but life orb increases damage output and allows you to switch moves.

Personally, I prefer scarf, but any of them is a great option too. It just depends on what your team needs and what you think is needed.

I also just saw an assault vest suggestion, but Hydreigon focuses on offense rather than defense. Also, an assault vest is not going to protect you from a STAB moonblast being yeeted your way by tinkerbell

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