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I have a perfect set in mind for Hydreigon too!

A step by step guided is strongly reccomended

quickest, easiest way? use showdown :p

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This is the easiest way

  1. Get a male garchomp/gabite/gible/deino/zweilous/hydreigon in B2W2 and teach it earth power via move tutor.
  2. Poke transfer it into XY.
  3. Place the garchomp/gabite/gible/deino/zweilous/hydreigon in the day care with a female hydreigon/deino/zweilous
  4. The hatched deino egg will have earth power.

There is no way to get earth power without the use of gen 5 unless a friend can give it to u.
Hope I helped :)

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Sadly you need BW2 to get earth power on a hydreigon. Teach hydreigon earth power with the move tutor in the town right by the volcano. Or you could get a male Garchomp with earth power and breed it with a female hydreigon. To get the Garchomp with earth power you must do the same thing above. Hope I helped!

*Does not have access to Poketranser/Bank as of right now.. but thanks mate!
Ask around in chat scare wolf, I've seen ppl using e power hydreigon  and they can give u an egg.
Much appreciated information Midnight! Thanks!
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Sadly, could not find anyone with what I needed. Maybe one day I will.