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I'm playing FRLG casually. Which is better: Flareon or Jolteon? I picked Squirtle for my starter and want know want to know because I have the gift eevee from celadon.

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You should use Jolteon because it's faster, and thunderbolt is super effective against more Pokemon in Indigo Plateau.
and flareon has NO MOVES
When I played through FRLG (many moons ago), I used Blastoise and Flareon as my two-mon team. It’s true, Flareon is not as fast as Jolteon (few Pokémon are) nor does he have as high of a special attack stat. But Flareon’s special is workable and his attack is 4 points shy of Dragonite’s. You’re using Blastoise who is more of a defensive Pokémon so a mixed attacker in Flareon could work for you. The only issue is his movepool, but that can be mitigated by the other four Pokémon on your team.
Also, Shadow Ball will help a lot with Agatha.

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I'd go with Jolteon because of its moveset (wider type coverage) and stats. With Jolteon's Speed and Sp. Atk it's easy to OHKO Thunderbolt many Pokemon.

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