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Sorry for the extremely specific questions. I'm doing a Professor Oak Challenge in Alpha Sapphire. Basically, you evolve every obtainable Pokemon before fighting the next gym. That means before I can fight Roxanne, I need to have every wormple, a slakoth, a starter, whismer, skitty, everything all fully evolved before I can get past Rustboro City.

I noticed using Sweet Sent and using Bubble with my Masquerain gets the most exp-- about 150 per encounter for my whole team. I'm wondering what other TMs or level up moves can be used by other early-access Pokemon that hits every Pokemon in the hoard. Thanks!

Which starter are you using?
Is it even possible to get Skitty evolved before Roxanne? I thought you didn't get a Moon Stone until Meteor Falls, which is well after the third gym.
@lucario, it is! apparently via super training there's a slight chance of getting evo stones. I'm gonna have to grind that before i can continue
Moon Stone can also be obtained by a Pokémon with Pickup if it’s level 41 or higher.
oh god, thanks. looks like im gonna be here a while aha

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There are no spread move TMs available before the first gym, nor do you have access to are tutors or breeding, so we can limit the selection down to just moves the Pokémon available to you can learn by level-up. Technically, you could use the DexNav to get egg moves, but I think that's probably more trouble than it's worth, so I've excluded them. If you want me to include them, let me know.

Treecko And Torchic's lines don't learn any spread moves by level up.
If you chose Mudkip:

  • Muddy Water
  • Rock Slide
  • Earthquake

Spread moves learned by other Pokémon:

  • Air Cutter (Beautifly, Wingull, Masquerain)
  • Snarl (Mightyena)
  • Bubble (Lotad, Surskit)
  • Disarming Voice (Ralts, Skitty)
  • Hyper Voice (Whismur)
  • Synchronoise (Whismur)

Sources: List of Pokémon required for first gym, List of TM locations, Treecko/Mudkip spread moves (category 1, category 2), Torchic spread moves, other Pokémon spread moves: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7

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thank you!