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Is there a Pokemon that gets smaller or gets a smaller name when it evolves?

Just for curousitys sake.

Shedinja, maybe

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Venonat gets lighter when it evolves into Venomoth, and Porygon gets a bit smaller when it evolves into Porygon2.

As for the name thing...Yeah, not even gonna bother.

Like Grimer & Muk
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nincada to shedninja has a 10 pound difference, but shedninja is a ghost type and they tend to be lighter most of the time. or if you think that they are two different evolotuons, ninjask and shedninja then there's a 12 pound difference. there's actually a lot that do stuff like your asking if you were to look through the national pokedex here on the site you'd find a bunch of them.
Hoping this was helpful!

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For size(as in height):
Gloom to Bellossom
Porygon to Porygon2
Haunter to Gengar
Dragonair to Dragonite

Bulbasaur to Ivysaur
Charmeleon to Charzard
Caterpie to Metapod
Pidgeotto to Pigeot
Spearow to Fearow
Pichu to Pikachu
And I'm not even going to say any more there are just too many.