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my flygon
dragon tail
e quake
and stone edge

and aggron
stealth rock
double edge
head smash
and iron defence or dragon tail because

i thought aggron uses stealth rocks while flygon uses sandstorm next we either both use dragon tail or flygon does
then as they switch out the other pokemon get injured from stealth rocks and sandstorm then we destroy them
do you like this strategy and is there anything to improve on? thanks :)

Maybe you should use Tyranitar (built-in Sandstorm) And Skarmory  (Spikes and Stealth rock )
 Use Tyranitar to dragon tail to make the opponent switch with Skarmory using pursuit
or whirlwind

Just an Idea.
Yeah, Staraptor's right.
You should get Tyranitar with Sand Stream, and one flaw is that a Fast Ice type Pokemon could ruin your plans, or even any fast Pokemon.
noo im saying do you think its a good strategy not other pokemon

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It's a good strategy, yes. I recommend Dragon tail instead of Iron defence because Aggron is already a defencive wall.