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Yesterday I battled a random guy on the battle spot, who completely destroyed my team with his klefki...

It was a prankster Klefki.
Moveset: substitute/thunder wave/swagger/foul play

I tried using taunt but didn't worked so well. Any tips?

PD: I'm new to this site and competitive gaming, so all suggestions are accepted!


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In addition to fondant's excellent suggestions;

  • Liepard is also a possiblity for a prankster user utilising taunt (Speed is only base 10 lower than whimsicott)
  • Magnezone/Magneton with Magnet Pull and HP Fire/Specs Thunderbolt/Powerful attack could work as a half-counter, provided you don't keep hitting yourself in confusion
    Magnezone traps Klefki so it can't run away, and you can spam attacks at will, as long as it's super effective or neutral STAB. Foul Play won't do too much damage, and Swagger + Foul Play could still hurt, but you could still pull through.
  • A Pokemon utilising the ability Own Tempo could stand a chance
  • Blasting it with super effecive attacks in conjunction with a Lum Berry to negate status can work with a very powerful Pokemon. Modest , max special attack Heatran is able to almost always get the OHKO on max special defense and hp with calm nature Klefki utilising Fire Blast from my calculations.
    A physical attacker could even work better in this case, as if Klefki attempts to use Swagger on you, you get the +2 boost, ensuring that you KO basically - so the use of a physical ground type Pokemon like Excadrill in conjunction with Lum Berry would be good.
  • Utilising Roar/Whirlwind temporarily gets rid of the problem, but not for long

The Calcs

>252+ SpA (custom) (Move 1) vs. 252 HP / 252+ SpD (custom): 312-368 (98.11 - 115.72%) -- 87.5% chance to OHKO
>252+ Atk (custom) Earthquake vs. 252 HP / 252+ Def (custom): 284-336 (89.3 - 105.66%) -- 37.5% chance to OHKO
>+2 252+ Atk (custom) Earthquake vs. 252 HP / 252+ Def (custom): 564-666 (177.35 - 209.43%) -- guaranteed OHKO

By the way sorry about the custom, custom, custom stuff in the calculations. Since there are no Gen 6 Calcuator's I'm aware off I need to manually adjust the stats and base powers to match the Gen 6 ones.

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I was just thinking about using another prankster to counter that strategy.
I think I will train both Excadrill and Liepard to prevent this again from happening .
Thanks a lot!
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The only ones I can think of are:

Magic Bounce Pokemon

Foul Play will still really hurt on Xatu & Espeon though.

Another Prankster Pokemon that has Taunt
-Whimsicott; it's the only other Prankster Pokemon that can outspeed Klefki w/o speed investment. Sableye won't outspeed Klefki w/o speed investment

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personaly I think taunt would be the best strategy against this thing except for foul play. you should not only use physical sweepers (if you did) cuz foul play does more damage the higher the targets attack stat is