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dragonite starts of the battle and straight away goes for toxic. then roar then toxic and keep on doing so to as many of my friends team as i can. this is NOT competive play, it is c gear infrared by the way. then i use the launcher to heal up and then a streak of as many dragon dances i can do comes. then i heal up again and sweep using outrage! he has 4 legendary dragontypes; palkia reshiram zekrom and kyurem so outrage is good. dragonite also knows fire punch incase of kyrem and hos last pokemon mamoswine that is a tank. dragonite also holds a dragon fang for even more increased power.

thanks for reading so long in advance.
pkmn black ^_^

friends team clear: mamoswine  palkia  emboar reshiram zekrom kyurem.
he is not expert and has three level hundreds.

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You should just use outrage from the start cause the 4 of them can kill dragonite or if your dragonite has super defensesive stats use dragon dance then outrage. Don't forget you can use roar to change your friend's pokemon. Toxic also won't do much cause an antidote dosen't cose much on the launcher.

Hope this helped

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that is the point.!.