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(for the battle tower) the trained pokemon I have are Swalot, Metagross, swampert, houndoom, Sceptile, Altaria, Electrode, Aggron, Pinsir, and Feraligatr(lv.50+). the pokemon I have in training are Gliscor, Breloom, Lunatone, Venasaur, Charmander, Mismagious, Vigoroth, Hitmonchan, Hitmonlee, Vibrava, Absol, and Gallade(lv.1-49, not ready yet) which pokemon would help out my current team most? judging by my current team's weaknesses and strengths, just so I can get a good idea of who to train next, and a moveset + strategy. more than one choice is ok.


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There is no real way to plan for the Battle Tower. There is no perfect team. However, the best Pokemon among those you listed are: Metagross, Swampert, Gliscor, Breloom, and Charizard. Choose the three that you think are best. I would go with Metagross, Swampert, and Charizard. Palmer is probably going to be your biggest problem. He is defensively superior to any other trainer you will face,and he is very hard to damage. Use moves like Toxic to try and take him down. Use stallers of your own. The second time you face him, he will have legendaries (oh, so he can use legendaries but we can't), so just use Pokemon with high stats, i.e. Metagross, Garchomp, Tyranitar. Metagross, Garchomp, and Tyranitar got me through 160 consecutive wins in SIngle Battle, they should be able to help you out.

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No offense trachy but I would like to point out that you suggested metagross twice for palmer the second time:)