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In a double battle, my serperior uses reflect, while my Onyx uses sandstorm or sand tomb. My serperior is very defensively strong, and can use coil, leaf blade or return after reflect. Onyx can curse to increase defense and attack, and wear the opponents down with iron tail. After reflect, coil, and curse, Onyx and Serperior will be taking practically no damage from physical attacks.

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And Serperior will be buffetted by the sandstorm every turn,
that can hurt.

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the probem is special attacks. After 1 surf Onix is gone and then an ice beam/Flamethrower finishes Serperior.

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I thought Onyx could take care of fire types while serperior could leafblade water types to eternity.  Maybe I could have Corsola use reflect before subbing in onyx?
Onyx is too slow for that.
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Good, But i suggest after using curse on steelix, use trick room. wink you know why.

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Great. Thanks.