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I am having trouble with stealth rocks with my team (charizard, articuno, chandelure, Kyogre, decidueye, yveltal) and I’m thinking of putting defog on my articuno, who is usually my lead. His current moveset is:
•ice beam
I’m thinking of replacing reflect with defog and mabye Ice beam with blizzard (opponents evasion drops so mabye it would be good) should I teach my articuno defog? And if so, should I replace ice beam with blizzard?
This is in the battle spot in USUM and Pokémon showdown
(Please don’t question swagger, I use it in doubles with foul play yveltal and I like trolling special attackers)

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remake the entire set. Reflect and swagger are good moves but not on articuno
No. I’m not going to
have fun losing then
Funny, I usually win with him in doubles in usum

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Yes, in this case defog is the best choice but don't replace ice beam, blizzard is only good with hail.

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Thank you