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The Defog description on Serebii says:
>This attack also removes the effect of Reflect, Light Screen, Safeguard, Mist, Spikes, Toxic Spikes and Stealth Rock on the target Pokémon's side of battle.

In Pokémon Showdown, my Ferrothorn planted Leech Seed and Stealth Rocks. Then my opponent used Defog to get ride of them, but my Leech Seed was removed as well.

Is this a glitch or is it supposed to do that?

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You might wanna tell us what pokemon you were facing off against, 'cause deeming something as a glitch straight away doesn't seem right before further investigation

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Maybe something else happened.

Because Defog does not clear Leech Seed, Rapid Spin does.
There's a good chance that your opponent was:

  • A grass type, so Leech Seed didn't happen in the first place
  • A Pokemon with Magic Guard or Bounce (Eg.- Xatu)

Otherwise it is a glitch.
Source: Did a test run on Showdown and the 3DS

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I don't have the battle link, is there any place where I can check my battles?
Also, I'm prety sure that was a Flying Pokémon using Defog..
What pokemon though
It could've been a Xatu, in which case Leech Seed had bounced straight back and vanished becuase of Magic Bounce.
Kawaii, thanks, but I maked that and it says ''No results found''.
I know it was not Xatu.. I can't remeber what pokemon was.. I know it fainted in my Gyro Ball.
I could've said Sigilyph, but it doesn't get defog :/
Shiftry maybe...?
I think it's a Latios or a Honchkrow.. Not sure
it was a glitch for sure..