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I will use Jirachi in-game and in wifi battles but I heard that Jirachi's signature move (Doom Desire) is not a good move. Is it true? Does Doom Desire get STAB?

(Feel free to comment a moveset)

When you play Wifi battles, what Pokemon, moves, or abilities are you not allowed to use?

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Future Sight and Doom Desire are not good moves. This is because they deal damage in 2 turns, so your opponent is easily able to pivot around it.

Source: Experience

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Trick Room.... you mean Future Sight? XDXDXD
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This is heavily format dependent. Future Sight is viable on Slowking in Past generations NU/RU. Doom Desire made a CAP Poke S Rank in CAP due to having a high special attack. They are only good if a Pokémon with an exceptionally high Special Attack and STAB can use it in a format. Just because Pokémon like this aren’t present doesn’t mean the moves themselves are bad. :P