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I was making a Jirachi when suddenly, I saw Doom Desire in usually useless moves. Doom Desire has 140 attack power, 100 accuracy, and takes two turns to hit, which can be good depending on what kind of situation your in.

Maybe peopole don't like it because it takes two turns, even though it's Jirachi's signature move.
Showdown is not ruled by professionals. Their level of understandment about the games are the same of the average player, they don't understand much on how make good use of most things or how to organize them right. I also know that this move is quite usefull and how to use it on it's best. When something is not made by professionals this kind of thing happens alot.
Showdown! may be made by amateurs, but those amateurs were helped along by some of the best Pokemon battlers in the world. If you "understand how to good use of most things", then why don't you try playing with those "not professionals" in a Smogon tournament?
Olli wdym? Smogon’s understanding of competitive is much more than that of an average player. Doom Desire is just not very useful at all.
Can you please give me an example of when to use Doom Desire or any 2 turn moves actually helped or saved you or anyone in a PVP setting? Not a hypothetical one, an actual time it happened.
Even if the battle sim isn’t accurate, the stats do not back Doom Desire as having any use. It’s not even listed in the top 10 most used moves for Jirachi (taken from players ranked above 1825 Elo), which means its usage is 3% at most. https://www.smogon.com/stats/2018-05/moveset/gen7ou-1825.txt
Are you going to insinuate that the best OU players on the best battle sim don’t know what they’re doing either?
I'm probably not part of that 3% since I don't use Showdown! much, but I do remember Doom Desire helped me get a few wins in the No Holds Barred tournament for Sun and Moon. It's very useful in my opinion.
I can talk about this in private with the ones who want, but not here, some people may create a fuss over a small thing which is not really worthy, i bid a good day to all!

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The reason why Doom Desire is bad is because it takes two turns to hit. This will be bad in many more situations than it could be good. It is very easy to counter; while it breaks through Protect, the opponent can just switch in to a Pokémon that resists Steel. There are actually many of these types, so the opponent is very likely to have a Pokémon that resists, or even quad-resists the move.

252 SpA Jirachi Doom Desire vs. 252 HP / 0 SpD Heatran: 45-53 (11.6 - 13.7%) -- possible 8HKO


You are better off using Iron Head or Flash Cannon. Iron Head is especially good because of Jirachi's access to Thunder Wave, and ability Serene Grace.

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Tapu Koko's Atk is higher than it's SpA lol.
But thunderbolt is still better than TP.

TBolt Tapu Koko vs Solgaleo

252 SpA Choice Specs Tapu Koko Thunderbolt vs. 0 HP / 4 SpD Solgaleo in Electric Terrain: 294-346 (70.8 - 83.3%) -- guaranteed 2HKO after Leftovers recovery

2HKO, not some TBolt.
Umm, why did someone flag sumwun's comment? (pun not intended)
That pun was intended by me.
No, i wouldn't give my Alakazam Kinesis. I give my Pokemon signature moves that  aren't useless (to me).