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Soooo...my brother ran into a shiny Zeraora a few days ago in a raid, and I was just wondering how common they actually are. Is it influenced by the amount of stars they have or is it just random?


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5%, but only at 5 stars.


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Note that doesn't give the exact percent: I got that from a different source. If you want that source, I can try to find it.
Are you absolutely certain? I've seen like 3 or 4 shiny Zeraoras and I've played maybe 10 five-star encounters. Either that or I'm insanely lucky, so I'd love to see a source on this.
Are you sure the percentage is that low? I must've run into about ten different Zeraora by now. And that was over the course of just three days.
5 percent isn’t low. if it is too low, chances are probably a godly 15%.