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what items could i give my starptor for the pokemon league.

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its on platinum

Staraptor: Brave Nature
Moveset:Close Combat,Fly,Aerial Ace,Defog

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For in-game I guess brave nature should be fine, close combat covers most of its weaknesses and a lot of types, so keep it. Fly is good because you won't waste it when battling the Pokemon league, another choice would be brave bird, although it's better for wi-fi. The other 2 slots I like on mine is u-turn and quick attack which is good for revenge killing. Aerial ace and defog is useless unless your enemy is spamming double teams. Another move would have to be roost if you have it, but with his low defenses, you might need to get him to a higher level. For items, equip him with choice scarf or choice band or maybe life orb.(I don't play Platinum, so I don't know if you can get those items yet)Otherwise give him an item that boosts his type power or attack or maybe a berry of some sort. good luck!=D

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There are no definite answers to this . The elite four is a computer not a human so they are basically random and hard to prepare for.All you need to do is train your pokemon to about level 65 and youll be fine.

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