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I'm playing a casual Platinum playthough in route 210 there's a tm for roost should I teach to my staraptor
Staraptor moves:
Aerial ace
Close combat
Quick attack

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Don’t teach Staraptor Roost because it is meant to be a fast hitter, not a long liver. :)

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No if in-game, Yes in compective battles
Since you was doing in-game, I’ll say not.
You can have serval potion in-game, which sometimes can heal more than roost.
If you was out of potions, then let it learn it. And also, poké center can heal it also.
And of course, you should not use roost because you has more option like U-turn, brave bird can use.
Also, if you want, I’ll post a moveset for your rest of your game!

Staraptor @ Life Orb
Ability: Intimidate
EVs: 252 Atk / 4 SpD / 252 Spe
Jolly Nature
- Brave Bird
- Close Combat
- U-turn
- Quick Attack

Hope it helps!

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ah, you were faster by a few min!
Ha, but I think yours one might chosen best....your answer has a lot of details and you are an full-experience user :p
Why are U-turn and quick attack better than return? STAB return is stronger than a super effective U-turn.
no one knows the FS of his Staraptor, and quick atk for propity
Unless the Greninja person is very bad at battling or uses a lot of herbs, most Pokemon reach max friendship in less than 50 levels.
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While Staraptor does have a fairly good HP stat at 85, I feel like it's contribution to your team is more in the sheer fire power it has when it comes to obliterating lower leveled in game opponents. Personally I'd suggest running Take Down, Brave Bird, or if you must use a TM, U-turn. U-turn specially works great because the defense drops from Close Combat is wiped out when you pivot out, and it's Super Effective against the Psychic type E4 as well.

Furthermore, in casual gameplay, you have access to Potions and the Pokemon Center, so with the exception of extremely niche situations, you're wayyy better off healing via those options than wasting a slot on your move set, specially when it does have other good options which I've mentioned already,

Why would you use take down or U-turn when you can use return? STAB return is stronger than both, even when U-turn is super effective, and return has no recoil.
The TM for Return is better used on other Pokemon who might need it as a filler move. Staraptor isn't all that much worse off for using Take Down instead of Return, the recoil is mostly worth the extra power.
Take down is weaker and less accurate than return. Players can get unlimited return TMs at the game corner for 160,000 money each. Even if 160,000 money is too expensive for a second TM, I don't think any Sinnoh Pokemon need return more than Staraptor does. If you know a few, which ones are they?
Hey, you're right. I assumed Take Down had higher power (or was I thinking of another similar move?) that was worth the offset of accuracy and HP. While the TMs are infinite in theory, the price does limit the number. As for better Pokemon than Staraptor, I guess that depends on the team to an extent, I dunno how to quantify that Staraptor deserves it the MOST compared to others.
Out of all normals in Sinnoh, Staraptor has the highest physical attack, and it's obtainable early at a low level. I'm pretty sure that means Staraptor is the best return user.