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ok so i have a giriina that knows destiny bond and i have a salamence that knows protect, and i made a stratgy / combo with them can you rate it (for a launcher battle)

ok so first giritina has a focus sash
next,i use destiny bond which usally is the last move because it is slow,
next i have one hp and he kills me and he dies to so then i send out salamence
next, i keep useing protect until i have enough points to use a revive and i revive giritina and keep repeating the same thing!
is that a good strategy? please rate!


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It's a decent strategy, but if you have pokemon like Giaratina and Salamance, you shouldn't have too much trouble against the opponent. it would be easier (time wise, money wise, and would keep Giratina's happiness up) to just sweep with them. Since you mentioned using Revive, I assume this is for in-game. (you can't use those type of items in wifi battles.)

-Protect loses accuracy when used repeatedly, so it wouldn't guarantee safety for Salamence.

-Salamence has high attack power, so having him just stall would be a waste of that attack power.

-Giratina has massive HP, so just using him as a target like that would be wasting his potential as well.

-Focus sash only activates when the holder is at full HP. A pokemon like Giratina is way to powerful to get OHKO'd by a lot of things, and definitely not from an in-game opponent.

this is now for my gallade and salamence
and it is for online
Dt, Gonna go ahead and explain because you don't have B/W.

They introduced a new thing, where you can turn on a " Wonder Launcher "

And every turn you get 1 point, and if you have enough points, you can throw items at your pokemon, normally people Spam the X items when playing with this on, but that is what he was talking about.
either way the strategy still wastes the potential of giratina and salamence.
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Giratina's far too powerful to use as a wall. Protect will fail.