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i cant catch kyurem whatever i do!?

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Well, this is what worked for me:

Try paralyzing or making Kyurem go to sleep. Then try to do some damage on it, but make sure you don't kill Kyurem. Once Kyurem's HP is Red try using a Dusk Ball because it works better in caves. If that doesn't work and the battle is taking forever try using a Timer Ball because the longer the battle the better the Timer Ball works.

Hope this helped =)

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This should help for getting to him.

For catching...

  • Use a master ball

  • Try lowering HP, then paralyzing/sleeping.

  • Keep throwing Dusk Balls (catch at night)

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Why did you copy me.... you added my answer in the Edit...WHY
I don't think it needs to be at night. It's already in a cave...
I didn't realize you has written that too...
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Use a pokemon that knows the move false swipe, and then paralyze or sleep then use dusk ball or ultra balls.

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But my virison knows false swipe and it only lowers it down about 4 HP
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Hay Roseradefan

If you have trouble to FIND Kyurem, try this:
If you only have problemes with catching it, I have weakeed him down and I have made it asliep and then have thrown 16 normal pokeballs before I chaught it.

Hope I helped you

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