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I made it to the Giant Chasm but I have no idea on how to reach Kyurem because the trees are in the way in that plain area inside the cave. Is there another way to get to Kyurem?

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If you still don't know, theres Youtube. It's also a good place for answers. :)

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Just continue foward along the path. You kind of spiral towards the center. Eventually, you'll come to a point where you hear a roar, followed by a Blizzard. The entire area will become covered with snow, and you'll easily be able to reach the cave.

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I don't really understand. I've gone all of the way around the cave but that's never happened. Are you saying that I have to wait until winter or is there another enterance into the cave other then the one right outside of Lacunosa Town?
Have you gotten out of the first cave and into the crater yet? If you have, just move in a linear direction until the event I said happens.
Yeah I just found that out last night while I was playing. It turns out that I was just going around in circles and not moving towards the center. Thanks for putting up with me and helping me figure it out, you and AleX647.
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You have to try and get to the lake in the very middle of the forest, and you will hear a roar like Trachy said, then the whole forest will flash freeze. When that happens, go straight forward and into that cave and be ready to battle. He's a tough one, took me over 20 dusk balls. Good luck! ;)

Marriland link

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His guide really is super useful, especially at the part where I had to get through the Relic Castle to get to Volcarona
That was confusing getting through Relic Castle. Not to mention the fact that I kept getting attacked by Krokoroks.
yeah, next time buy some repels and esc ropes for easier exploring ;)
Tanks Bro ;D
I got it with a Great Ball
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After you come out of the cave, just follow the path until you reach the pond in the very middle of Giant Chasm. Then you will hear a roar and the whole place will turn white. When it clears, you will be standing on a LOT of snow. Find the staircase in the upper right corner of Giant Chasm and go into the cave at the top. Kyurem will be waiting and you will go into battle.

Good luck catching him! =)